Corporate biodiversity impact

The first easy-to-use, AI-enhanced software solution for corporate biodiversity impact assessment, action and reporting
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Sfeeri assesment

01 Assessment

Identify corporate and site-specific impact/risks for target setting and strategy building.
Qualitative and quantitative results.

02 Action plan

Enable management of impact/risks and prioritize actions. The actions address threatened ecosystems and species and are designed to immediately benefit the surrounding environment.
Sfeeri Action plan
Sfeeri Report

03 Report

Communicate goals and progress
with easy-to-use reporting tools.

Our mission is to change how the corporate world sees and acts on its impact on biodiversity. We develop the smoothest working, most business relevant and robust solution to bring actionable optimism to an era of wicked problems.

Easy to use and low-cost
Intuitive, designed for non-experts, easily scalable
Full integration to existing systems
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Enable compliance
Downloadable reports and slides
Reduce impact
Track the progress with site-specific, tangible actions
Big data
Covering 1.9 million species, global human impact footprint, satellite data to name a few
AI enhanced
Machine learning used for site- and species- specific actions
Proprietary algorithm
Scientifically robust methodology
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