The US Administration Announces Roadmap for Nature-Based Solutions

New actions and recommendations will make nature-based solutions a go-to option for fighting climate change and boost progress toward U.S. climate goals. Sfeeri biodiversity engine is the most accessible tool in the market to map the impact and create an action plan to mitigate it.

We at Sfeeri are pleased about the recent proceedings from The White House. As we know, climate crisis and biodiversity loss are interconnected, and the solutions are as well interconnected, as stated in the recent White House statement: "Examples include protection or conservation of natural areas, reforestation, restoration of marshes or other habitats, or sustainable management of farms, fisheries, or forests. These actions can increase resilience to threats like flooding and extreme heat, and can slow climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide. Nature-based solutions play a critical role in the economy, national security, human health, equity, and the fight against climate change."

The White House pledge to invest over $25 bn to nature-based solutions and the roadmap outlined here will be an important benchmark for other countries as well.